because Homemade is just better!

The Appalachian Mountain region has a rich heritage of self sufficiency.  My maternal grandparents lived happily in the mountains of East Tennessee, had 11 children, managed a farm and pretty much made or grew whatever they needed. Time progressed and main stream society decided that 'store bought' was more fashionable than homemade. Main stream society got it wrong.  Thank goodness times are changing again, this time for the better. These days Homemade is making a comeback. Because Homemade is just better.

Keeping it Local!

This Dallas Cowboys quilt was designed and quilted at Fletcher's Homemade then donated to the Elizabethton Boy's and Girl's Club. Local hometown celebrity and former Dallas Cowboy, Jason Witten is to sign the center star. The quilt will then be auctioned off to benefit the Boy's and Girl's Club activities.

Sewing is hip. No really.

Quilting and sewing is a art as old as our mountains. In talking to neighbors about my shop, I often hear that their grandmothers sewed clothing and made quilts. It's sadly telling in this modern digital day that quilters and stitchers are much fewer in number.  I find this a tragedy of heritage. Not only is sewing, quilting and stitching a creative outlet; it's a challenge of color coordination, problem solving, and vision.  Hardly a snooze. I've often found myself up in the wee hours, unable to put my work down and go to bed.  Innovative tools and endless fabric designs have transformed the craft into the modern age. Grandma wouldn't recognize many of the gadgets in my sewing box.

Proud to be an Official Quilts of Valor Shop

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Email to learn more about our Quilts of Valor sewing sessions. We'll join our efforts and piece together a beautiful quilt as a token of thanks to present to a local Veteran who's been touched by war. Also accepting nominations for local Vets and donations for the Quilts of Valor Foundation.

for more info on this amazing foundation, please visit

Our First Quilts of Valor Recipient!

On June 17th 2018, our very first Quilt of Valor was awarded to Hampton Navy Veteran Nova Woodrow "Woody" Whisenhunt jr.  Rittertown Baptist Church (Woody's home church) helped in the surprise by aiding in the award ceremony of the quilt and supplying a beautifully decorated cake and ice cream reception afterwards.

Keeping it Local

Look here for quality local goods such as scent-sational cleansers from Soulshine Soap, elegant embroidered sack cloth towels stitched by Mona Kramer, delightful glass creations by Margo Marquette, and playful earrings to perk up your day made by Roberta Winston.   This is only a brief description of their products, come in the shop to see more.  These folks are choosy with their materials and true artists...I'm delighted to have them on board in this adventure.

As Fletcher's Homemade grows, keep an eye out for classes and trunk shows. Learning together and from each other will create bonds and build skills.  Have fun, meet new friends, learn a trick or two. Then make something that will impress the in-laws.


high quality flour sack towels in fun embroidered designs.

The mission of Fletcher's Homemade is to stitch the community together with creativity, fun and learning both keeping an eye on tradition and looking forward to the future.


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